If you’re seeking contracting services in Tucson, Oro Valley, and elsewhere in Arizona, may we suggest that you start where many other homeowners have: with Desert Sun Customs & Restoration. Our team offers a full complement of design and construction services, handled with skill and professionalism. 

Services We Offer

Design Services


Whether it’s a renovation of a single room, a whole-home remodel, or a home addition, the design process is the foundation of all that follows. Combining decades’ worth of experience with the latest CAD design tools, we are able to help you visualize the final result, while avoiding materials waste and expensive mistakes along the way.

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels


The bathroom and kitchen are the two most frequently renovated rooms in any structure. Whether you’re freshening up a space you’ve grown tired of, or if you’re making your first house feel like home, our bathroom and kitchen contractors can give you a look that is up-to-date yet timeless, allowing you to enjoy these rooms for years to come.



You love your home, but it’s feeling a bit cramped. You may be welcoming a new member to the family, caring for an aging parent, or wanting a home office so your paperwork isn’t strewn across the dining room table. Or it’s possible you’d just like a flex room that can do double-duty as a guest bedroom and playroom. Let your imagination run wild, and let us help you design the perfect space.

Cabinet Installations


Cabinetry isn’t just for kitchens. The same skills can give you a reading nook or library, extra storage cubbies in your mudroom, organization for your garage or workbench, or built-ins that maximize space in your living room. If you have a vexing home storage or organization problem, bring it to us. 

Electrical and Plumbing


Safety and efficiency matter. That’s equally true whether you’re retrofitting the plumbing in an existing space, bringing your electrical system up to code, building a 

smart home, or wiring your outdoor spaces to bring some of the comforts of home outside. 

Flooring Installation


Whether you want the timeless look of a hardwood floor, the easy maintenance of tile for your bathroom or kitchen, or durable carpeting for your bedroom, your flooring can really pull a room together. Speak to us about the wide range of materials available.



We offer a wide range of roofing options, including traditional asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and newer choices with advanced materials and construction. Whether you’re re-roofing or installing a replacement roof, our skilled (and insured) workers get it right the first time.

Getting Started


Even though we opened for business in 2007, the team at Desert Sun Customs & Restoration have more than a century of experience among us. We offer other services (including painting, landscaping, and being the Tucson area’s only certified installers of Bedrosians Magnifica Porcelain) beyond what’s listed here. We also source a wide range of materials, window treatments, fixtures, lighting, and appliances so you get the look you want and are not tethered to a limited design palette. To take advantage of our resources and experience, reach out to us for a custom consultation today.


Kitchen Design and Remodels

Kitchen renovations are among the most common remodeling jobs for homeowners. Whether you’ve just bought a new home and you’re updating the kitchen or you’ve owned your home for years and want a kitchen remodel, We offer a range of design and construction services to see your project through from start to finish. 

Kitchen Remodel Benefits


Whether you’re about to put your home on the market, expecting a new addition to the family, or future-proofing your home, there are some great reasons to undertake kitchen renovations with Desert Sun Customs.

Increase Home Value


Moving? The right kitchen renovations can provide a great return on investment. A refresh that modernizes the look and feel of your kitchen can make the whole home more attractive to prospective buyers.

Entertain More — and Better


On the other hand, maybe you’d never dream of selling your home. Increasing its value isn’t always about a dollar value. Just as often, it’s about function. Whether it’s a quiet evening with family, or a boisterous party that makes the whole neighborhood feel welcome, a kitchen remodel can greatly expand your possibilities. Modern appliances that are more versatile and efficient, combined with a layout that improves workflow, can help you get more enjoyment out of the most popular room in your home. 

Age in Place


More and more often, Tucson residents aren’t opting for assisted living, retirement communities, or nursing homes as they get older. They want to stay somewhere familiar and cozy, leading to a rise of a phenomenon called “aging in place.” Our needs and physical capabilities change as we grow older, and a kitchen redesign can help with mobility and accessibility concerns that help us remain in our homes.


Bathroom Desiugn and Remodels

What’s the most common home renovation? Bathroom remodels topped the list by a country mile. Unlike most rooms, where rearranging the furniture or adding a new coat of paint is enough to bring a fresh new look, bathrooms can look dated, or can suffer from old and inefficient fixtures.

Bathroom Remodel Benefits


The reasons to remodel your bathroom are many. You may be thinking of selling your home, or you might just be sick of the 1950’s sink and vanity, combined with a 1970’s tub and 1980’s wallpaper. There are as many benefits to a remodel as there are reasons to start one. 

Increasing Comfort


There’s no getting around it: we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. A space that’s ugly, inefficient, or poorly laid out can be frustrating. Our bathroom restorations can make an older room period-correct with modern amenities, or you can undertake a bathroom renovation that leaves the space feeling more open, more efficient, and more like a day at the spa rather than something to be tolerated or rushed through.

Aging in Place


Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.As we get older, we find it harder to get in and out of bathtubs, the toilet may feel like it’s the wrong height, and we’re certainly more prone to slipping and falling — especially in a bathroom with a wet floor. A renovation can give you a walk-in shower or tub, can add wheelchair accessibility, and can incorporate other features that make it safer and easier to use when your balance and mobility aren’t what they used to be.

Saving Money


As they age, fixtures are more prone to leakage and failure. Even when they’re in good working order, they may still be worth replacing; older toilets use up to eight gallons per flush, and an older sink or shower head will have a higher flow rate than newer and more efficient fixtures. Replacing them saves water and 

money, and if you’re feeling especially ambitious we can swap in energy-efficient lighting to leverage savings there as well.

Increasing Home Value


Remodeling to increase resale value isn’t often a safe bet. Most renovations lose money, since you’ll only recoup a fraction of what you invested when you sell. Bathroom renovations are a rare exception, since you’re more likely to break even, or may even come out a bit ahead, with some careful planning.